You’ve got friends in all the places

Here at EF, support isn’t one-size-fits-all. There’s our on-the-ground presence in 114 countries (that’s the big, sweeping kind). But there’s also the team we build around every teacher who leads an educational tour with us. From day one, you can lean on your EF people for the kind of one-to-one support that’ll make a huge difference in your group’s travel experience.

The wind beneath your (airplane) wings

Ready to meet the experts who’ll come together to make sure your tour experience is safe, smooth, and rich with possibility for your students? Each member of your team serves a crucial role—whether it’s helping you explore destinations over a call or text or organizing flights and meals behind the scenes.

tour consultant support specialist

The magic makers

Say hi to your new besties, your Tour Consultant and EF Experience Specialist. Together, they make up your personal EF Travel Team. Each of these experts has a specialized skill set, but their overall goal is the same: making sure you get individualized support and have the absolute best tour ever.

tour director support specialist

The travel sidekick

Meet your Tour Director, your rock on tour. As trained guides who speak the language of travel (and who can navigate the local language as well), no one is better equipped to lead the way. Frankly, they’re the best part of any EF trip.

traveler support specialists

The parent whisperer

Consider our Traveler Support Specialists human search engines for all things EF. They’ll work with parents and students to answer any what-ifs and how-tos, from questions about payment plans to documenting dietary preferences.

global education ambassadors support

The hometown hero

This could be you someday! Spread out all across the U.S., our Global Education Ambassadors are teachers who’ve led plenty of EF tours, and they’re eager to share their expertise. Want to talk with one who’s close by? We’ll connect you.

the team behind your team

In addition to your incredible EF Travel Team and crafty Tour Director, there are even more people building your EF tour from the ground up. Some call them our Education Team, Market Development Directors, Tour Experience Managers, and Flights Coordinators—but we just call them the dream builders.

Easier for you, every step of the way

You don’t know it yet, but our people are already working hard to provide you with a better educational tour experience than you can get anywhere else. From the logistics genius in Zurich who artfully balances city highlight stops to the Traveler Support Specialist in Boston perfecting parent communication plans, consider our team your team from the get-go.

Say hi anytime

We love being friend-zoned. Plus, we’ve got experienced Group Leaders who want to meet you and help answer all your questions about student travel.