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Experiential travel is simply how we bring learning to life. At EF Educational Tours, we’re always expanding what we show travelers so educators can expand what they teach. Our itineraries are hands-on, student-centered, and—above all else—fun. Because empowering a personal journey for every student who travels with us is just as important as handling the details of their physical trip.

Physical journeys that spark even greater personal ones

EF tours amplify the lessons educators teach in the classroom by enabling hands-on, real-world experiences that open students’ minds and help them become more well-rounded. So instead of a GPA that’s focused on academics, each student emerges from tour with a G²PA comprised of our research-backed, travel-based learning outcomes that cover the full spectrum of social-emotional learning. Every G²PA is unique, because every traveler gains something different on tour— whether that’s newfound confidence to order food in a different language, or a greater sense of empathy that will inspire them to have deeper conversations in their own communities. However, one thing always remains the same: The G²PA helps ready students for the real world and serves as a catalyst for ever-expanding growth back home.

EF’s G²PA focuses on the learning outcomes that continue to impact students for the rest of their lives.

head with plus sign
Growth mindset

Students will learn to embrace new opportunities and challenges with an open mind by:

- Expanding their curiosity
- Embracing new opportunities
- Stepping out of their comfort zones
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Global perspective

Students will expand their world views as they engage with new cultures by:

- Building understanding
- Exploring new mindsets
- Communicating across cultures
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Personal development

Students will discover more about themselves as they grow on a personal level by:

- Increasing their confidence, independence, and self-awareness
- Developing more empathy
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Action & impact

Students will gain necessary skills to navigate and make an impact in an ever-evolving world by:

- Becoming better collaborators
- Gaining leadership and decision-making skills

Preparing students for the future and their futures

Students experience deep learning and personal growth when they travel with EF, and these incredible outcomes help prepare them for everything that’s ahead:

93% of travelers
of travelers say their tour expanded their knowledge of the world
89% of travelers
say they understand more about new people, places, and cultures
88% of travelers
of EF travelers say they grew more confident and independent
92% of travelers
say they discovered more about themselves as a result of their tour

Source: EF Educational Tours 2019 Post-Tour Student Survey

This year’s EF Educational Impact Report

Want to learn more about how we’re evaluating the ongoing impact of EF tours on students, educators, and the world at large? Check out the 2023 edition of our annual Educational Impact Report.

“As soon as I came back from my first trip, I decided to take in other perspectives that I hadn’t noticed before. I took more chances, I became a better global citizen, and I realized I had potential to have an impact on the world.”

Alexis K., Student

Inspire impact that lasts

Learning is all about making connections—whether it’s between different opinions, the past and the present, or a place and the people who live there. EF tours are specially designed to spark these connections, giving students like Alexis the confidence and cultural awareness they need to take a different direction in life.

EF is accredited, just like your school

To broaden the opportunities for our Group Leaders and travelers, we team up with current and former teachers, global education advocates, and impactful organizations across the world. EF echoes our customers’ commitment to education. It’s why we design tours that complement today’s classrooms and it’s what allows us to meet the same rigorous standards as schools like yours.

From travel to transcript

By focusing on reflection and investigating a topic that inspires them, students can earn high school or college credit as part of their EF tours. The exclusive online course we developed with Southern New Hampshire University not only documents and deepens students’ learning—it earns them three transferable college credits and a confidence-building taste of higher-ed success.

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Professional learning is better together

We celebrate learning in unlikely places and applaud teachers who are just as curious as the students they inspire. That’s why EF prioritizes professional development for the educators we work with. From free training tours, to educational symposiums, to all the professional learning credit you can earn along the way, traveling teachers who lead our tours join a network of passionate people who understand the benefits of educating students about the world. (Think of it as the ultimate teachers’ lounge.)

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